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Woodland Camp

10am - 3pm

We meet around the camp fire at 10am for a ramble through the woods*, where children can climb, tumble, scramble, shout and jump. Parents are welcome to do the same if they feel the need!

On the way we're noticing what's growing, what's changing, what's happening as the seasons arise and give way to the next. Here and there we have a little song, or a game of finding and collecting, or even a pause to breathe and be still.

Back at our base camp mess tent, hot drinks and snacks will be waiting for us, and we have a little while to chat and catch up with each other.

Afterwards, we have an hour to work on this week's woodland project together - such as den building, willow weaving, a treasure hunt or finding woodland materials to make things with. Parents have a chance to really connect with their children in play and also in working interdependently with others to create something new.

At 12.30pm we all prepare for lunch and enjoy sharing food together around the long table, with Mighty Oaks thanks and blessings. Tidying and washing up afterwards is all undertaken as a group too.

From 1.30pm to 2.30pm, you and your children are free to play and explore the glorious woodland setting yourselves, or perhaps even lay in the sunshine and have a snooze!

Finally, we come together again for a traditional Mighty Oaks circle time with songs and action rhymes and stories or poems. We sing our goodbye song at 3.00pm.

Mighty Oaks Woodland Camp offers an opportunity for parents to enjoy a day outdoors with their own children and other families in beautiful peaceful woodland.

Children get to expend some of their boundless energy, parents enjoy a bit of space and time to relax and breathe, and both benefit from playing together in gorgeous natural surroundings and fresh air.

£15 for one adult and one child.
£5 each for additional family members.
Siblings under two years are welcome to come for free.

Includes all project materials and quality organic vegetarian snacks, proper coffee, a selection of teas and cold drinks. Bring your own lunch to share.

Limited to 12 families each session.
Advance booking is essential. Email mail@mightyoaksgroup.org

*Please note: the woodland walk is not suitable for pushchairs.