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An Open Source Modular Micro Schooling System

A pioneering new school class for 6 year olds will be opening in the woods of north Norfolk this September. We'll also be creating another class, for children who will be 6 in 2018/19.

We've had a lot of interest in classes for other ages - it seems many people are looking for a more evolved and compassionate way of education.

As parents of two small children, we can only give so much energy to a new school - just enough to create a class for each of our children. However our intention is to document our journey and freely share our experiences and our model, in the hope it will inspire others that they too can create the class that will best suit their group of children in their environment.

Our vision is to create an open source modular micro schooling system - with individual satellite classes all connected, sharing resources and information. Even more exciting for us is the possibility that under this unified umbrella, different classes might operate completely different systems - ours is two days per week and Steiner based, and others may be four days Montessori or Reggio, or a full week National Curriculum - whatever each local group chooses works best for them.

Imagine all the teachers from these varied pedagogies coming together for an annual conference - bringing and contributing the best aspects of each system - perhaps being inspired to evolve entirely new ways of thinking about education.

If you're looking for a more whole-form education for your child, and they are currently aged 6 or 2, we'd love to have you in our classes in north Norfolk. If your child is any other age, then we hope our story will empower you to begin your own.

Let's actively create the better education systems that we want for our children and our community.

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