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A Biography

As Spring unfolds, I am again reminded of the incredible, yet seemingly unconscious ability of nature to prevail in absolute harmony with itself. Perhaps it is purely co incidental that the trees lose their leaves in the cold and dark of the winter and burst forth again with their buds in the warm light of the Spring. Or maybe, just maybe, they have a deeper knowing that allows a part of themselves to die in order that new life may thrive and the cycle continue.

If the question, 'what is the essence of Steiner education?' were to arise, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have the answer. But I can say that for me, it sits somewhere in that cycle of nature, of harmony, of working with what is and allowing the underlying truth, beauty and goodness of the human being to emerge.

In my own journey towards Steiner education, the path has been illustrated with much of this sense of letting go and from doing so, I have discovered new worlds. First, I left mainstream education behind, and then I left England behind for a while. I discovered South Africa and there I discovered a Waldorf Kindergarten - forged out of a wooden shack with a tin roof, offering security to children living in a world that was anything but.

After a while I had to let go of South Africa and on my return to England four years ago, I discovered Norwich Steiner School. From there I have discovered countless wonders, not least of which is the Steiner Teacher Training course in Stroud.

Soon I will be letting go of the course and here I am discovering a group of Class One children ready to meet me as their homeschooling tutor. I look forward to the myriad of discoveries before us as we embark on this adventure together.

Jessica Carey
April 2015