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Mighty Oaks began in September 2009 and ran very successfully for over two years in Swanton Novers Village Hall. All places were filled within the first three months, and we had a constant waiting list of parents wanting to attend.
Now serving 28 families and 35 children every week, we offer an invaluable support group and lifeline to parents of young children.

"I'm not sure I would have survived the first year of having a baby without Mighty Oaks! I never knew it could be so hard - and also that other people could be so warm and caring. Thank you Mighty Oaks!"

"At Mighty Oaks, I enjoyed seeing warm and solid parent-child relationships.
It gave me an opportunity to consider how I want to bring my child up."

"Thanks to Mighty Oaks I have much more awareness of how to create a supportive rhythm within my own home which helps all of my family to be happy - most of the time!"

The average age of the group subsequently increased and our needs changed to include homeschooling families like our own. In 2013, we moved Mighty Oaks out into its true home - the woods!

We have established basic shelter and warmth facilities at our base camp, and we are continually developing the site to provide a comfortable, quality experience for families.

Our most pressing major requirement is a proper hygienic composting toilet system, for which we are now seeking proper funding.

You can help Mighty Oaks to grow by making a donation directly to the Mighty Oaks account:

Bank Name: Unity Trust Bank
Account Name: Mighty Oaks
Account Number: 20231215
Sort code: 608301

Your money helps support families with young children during their important early years. Laying strong foundations for good health, activity, creativity, resourcefulness and a genuine love of nature and the environment - in all the family!