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Mighty Oaks

Thursdays and Fridays, 10am - 12.15pm, term times.

Mighty Oaks offers you a beautiful and relaxing woodland environment to spend a quality morning with your children, and with other families.

We meet around the fire at 10.00am, and sing our opening song.

A gentle meander through woodland follows, where older children can run, jump and explore, and toddlers can practise their new found walking and clambering skills. Babies carried in slings* will enjoy the smells, sounds, light and air and ever-changing trees and skyline. Sometimes a little song, or a pause to breathe and be still.
Around half an hour later, we return - past the pond where we might see the moorhen with her little ones, the heron, or even the kingfisher!

Back at our base, hot drinks, freshly home-baked bread and quality organic food will be set out at the table, as we gather to eat, singing our blessings and thanks together.

Afterwards, the little ones have the opportunity to explore the area immediately outside, where there are logs for climbing, a den in a fallen tree, a sand pit, and all sorts of woodland materials to gather and enjoy. The blanket-covered 'stage' area will also have wooden blocks and other items to play with.

During this time the parents can often learn new skills by participating in the creative project if they wish - or use the time to connect with other parents.
Our creative projects thus far have included needle and wet-felting, spinning wool and knitting, creating little characters from seeds and flowers and paper and whatever else we can find, making wooden blocks and wooden jewellery, sewing and embroidery, baking bread and biscuits, making a rag rug. Many parents have been surprised to discover hidden creative talents and passions waiting to be expressed!

Forty minutes or so later, we sing the tidy time song as we clear up, ready to come together again around the fire for circle time.

We sing simple nature songs together with accompanying hand gestures. Singing mostly the same songs every time helps build confidence and comfort in being part of the group and knowing what comes next!

At 12.15pm, it's time to sing goodbye.

Both Thursday and Friday Mighty Oaks are an experiment with a varied age group from 0 - 7, to see how well we can all work together to meet the needs of both older and younger children - and parents!
We can all feel the benefit of the fresh clean air of the woodland, with movement, creativity and social interation.

*Please note: the woodland walk is not suitable for most pushchairs (unless you've got an off-road version!).